My 21 Rules for Writing & Art

My rules for writing and art:
1. Don’t sit at your typewriter or computer and think about what to write, sit there and bleed. 

2. Never wake up early for your day job. 

3. Don’t seek the opinion of another writer, writers are competitive. Unless the writer was your muse, even then, think about it. 

4. If you don’t want to share your art to world, don’t even start. 

5. Don’t fear loneliness, get used to it. 

6. If you need validation to be a writer, a painter or whatever, you’re not cut out to be one. 

7. Write it down, write it all down and don’t worry too much about grammar or punctuation. That’s why there are editors. 

8. Substances and stimulants do not make you creative, they serve as creative lubricants. 

9. That being said, coffee is the best stimulant. 

10. Don’t be miserly with your emotions. 

11. Always have love in your heart. Love is beauty and beauty is passion. 

12. Don’t fear anything, including death. One will never write well if he or she possess a fear of death. 

13. You are not an “artist,” let your followers decide that for you. 

14. Try to decide not to off yourself, turn it into art. 

15. Try your best to be an unmedicated genius. 

16. Try not to fall in love with your muse.  

17. Live life, don’t just exist. 

18. Write, paint or what have you for yourself. Later you can run it up the flagpole and see who salutes. 

19. Love your work and hopefully it will love you back. 

20. Do it if you love it, if you truly love it everything will work out fine. 

21. The best education there is, is in books. Today’s most prestigious university is in the form of literature. One can not be taught “how to write.” But it can be learned. 


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